Reply To: Plugin questions


Ok so I can add that to the feature request and see how that goes.

We also were hoping to not have a submit button if the payment button is there. It would be cool to have the payment button submit the form if you are using payments. But yeah it would be cool if the payment intent was hooked up maybe just for when the post needs admin approval then once the submission is approved the end user would get charged. We kind of thought that was how it would work. I think I can use a payment link for now that they can set up in stripe to save the payment info and capture it later. But not 100% on that.

If I was to submit a feature request do you guys always add those features or is it upto you guys what you add and don’t? If you were going to add it how long would it be until it was ready for use?

There was one more question in the above thread which was

Do you know how to save the taxonomy to the tribe event calendar post? I got the date and time to work and I was looking through the docs for tribe and the tribe_creat_event function says it is using post_category to save the category but I tried using that in the form still can’t get the category to save