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      We had to change back to older Version because of some problems:

      1. When adding an ACF Field to the Form, we were not able to give this Field a name – this part is missing.
      2. Our form had uploads such as pdf or pngs but did not work properly. There was always an error – it asks for a value although a file was selected.
      3. This Error occurs in previous Version where the upload works: when uploading a pdf-File – there is nonthing in the Media-Folder and the ACF-Fiel in the Post has no Value in it. For some reason the pdf File is not uploaded.


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      Shabti Kaplan

      Hello Diana,

      Sorry to hear about these issues. If you have a staging site, please let me know if 3.13.2 fixes these issues.

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      Hi, same to me with 3.13.5, also some fields are empty in submissions.

      Works perfect with < 3.13.x

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      Shabti Kaplan


      HAve you tried updating to 3.13.6?

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      Hello Shabti,

      thank you for your work! The Version 3.13.6 fixed our issues. Great plugin. 🙂

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