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      We are building out a event calendar for a client that basically allows their users to submit new events for their calendar. They would like their users to pay for these posting via stripe but not capture funds until the post is approved. I know Stripe has a payment intents api that allows the payment info to be saved and charged later. I think this would be a great feature to add to your plugin. Maybe only when the post needs admin approval? That why the user submits the event form for admin approval and then when the admin approves it, then it would charge the card.

      Also if there was a way to not have the submit button when you are using payments I think that would be better flow for submitting. I am just afraid someone might submit the payment and then forget to submit the form which would be no good, since they would be charged for an event that didn’t get submitted.

      Please let me know if you guys are think or could add this feature. My creative director wants this as streamlined as possible and not use a stripe payment link, which as of now is looking like the only option for us to be able to save the payment info for later.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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