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      Graham Brown

      I’m testing out ACF and have two CPTs – Company Profiles and Jobs where jobs can be related to profiles. The relationship field is set to filter by post author = Current User.

      During testing I have set a test user as the author of a profile and this profile is visible / selectable when they are adding a job pst in a front end form built using ACF Frontend Forms. Now when I install the Co-Authors Plus plugin the profile is no longer visible to be selected / related on the add a job form.

      Disabling Co-Authors Plus and making the test user the author then makes it selectable again.

      The client has a requirement for multiple users to be the author of company profiles so that companies do not have to have a single login for the site and that users can be authors of multiple profiles if the for example, work as a recruiter and need to be able to add jobs to multiple profiles whilst those companies also having staff who can edit their page.

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      Shabti Kaplan


      This is actually more like a feature request than a bug. We currently don’t have built-in integration with Co-Authors Plus, but we will look into adding it

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