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      Larry Olmstead.

      When a visitor views an article we made with frontend admin, in the body of the post they see a blue rectangle with white letters stating “You do not have the proper permissions to view this form”.

      However, the post looks perfect.

      Then when an admin or author logs in, they don’t see the message.

      Also, since this started happening, a visitor cannot see new posts in the archive either, only the ones published from yesterday and earlier, but they all have the same permissions notice. Seems as if we messed with a permission setting, but where should we look to correct this? No new posts are showing on the front end unless we log in. You’ll most likely see no posts from today, the 26th.


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      Shabti Kaplan

      Hello Larry,

      In the form settings, under the permissions tab, you should see the permissions rules. You can create different rules for different roles. Do you have multiple rules?

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