Why we sell Frontend Admin through Paddle

Software companies around the globe use Paddle to outsource operational complexities so they can focus on their product, but what is Paddle and why do we sell through them and not directly to you, the customer?

Merchant of record (MoR)?

Paddle is an MoR, short for Merchant of Record. An MoR is paid by you, the customer, and handles all of the payment infrastructure and tax liability related to each transaction. They’re incorporated and have a local bank account wherever you need one. They’re registered to collect and remit taxes. They’re integrated with all the popular local payment gateways.

They do all this for us so that we don’t have to. We can focus our efforts on making our products better for you rather than concerning ourselves with EU VAT or exchange rates.

That being said, Paddle does not include any third-party SDKs within our plugins.

Read more about MoRs and specifically Paddle here: What is a Merchant of Record?

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