Reply To: Duplicating or disappearing image uploads in gallery field


Issue with gallery field is fixed. No longer a problem with recent updates. Thank you.

BUT! *Gallery field is still duplicating and or disappearing images.*

I tried this field set as ACF Field or just manually mapped to the acf gallery field. Did not make a difference.

Last couple days I have spent considerable time checking and testing this, looking for conflicts, settings changes…

*The issue has something to do with ‘add image’ more than once into the field before submitting*

For example, select an image, hit ‘add image’.
THen select another image, hit ‘add image’.
Looks ok: You see thumbnails of two images in the field.
Then hit ‘submit’.
…the resultant post will have the first image duplicated, eliminating the second.
There are variations on this but probably all stem from this.
In this example, the second image does *not* make it into the media gallery.

Please help.