Allow setting / creation of JetEngine Relationships

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      Graham Brown

      I’ve just seen this post:
      I’m currently building a site which uses both JetEngine and ACF – this is because front end forms are needed for customers to add posts such as jobs and events and pay for them and JetFormBuilder is lacking the required features (you can’t re-order repeater field items for example).

      Is was suggested to me that I use JetEngine instead of CPTUI to create the post types and the taxonomies and then use ACF Pro to add the meta fields to those CPTs. This is working great so far BUT I have hit a blocker…. I’m not able to get fields from related posts which have been set using a relationship ACF field. This IS possible using JetEngine relationships but then the customer is not able to use a front end form to pick a related post (jobs can be related to company profiles for example).

      It would be really cool if ACF Frontend Forms could set JetEngine relationships using maybe an ACF relationship field. It would mean having both a relationship field AND a JetEngine relationship but this would mean that the customer can relate jobs and events to company profiles using a frontend form and I can then use the company profile fields (i.e. the company logo) on the job / event page.

      Is this something which can be hooked in?

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      Shabti Kaplan

      Hello Graham,

      Thanks for the feature request. It seems there are quite a few people who want ti use Frontend Admin with Jet Engine. I’ll look into Jet Engine integration fields in general and especially the relationship field

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        Graham Brown

        Amazing! Thank you 🙂

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