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      Tracy Shorrock


      Great plugin, thanks. I’m using the free version for the moment, and I’ve set up a form which includes acf fields, and the Content field. The content includes a WP Table block. The table is rending in the WYSIWYG editor area, but it’s not a block, which means you cannot get to the table block controls, by that I mean there is no way to add rows or columns to the block.

      The form is on a Page only accessible to a specific user role. The post they are editing is a custom post type. The table block works as normal accessing from the WP dashboard, but I wanted to restrict this user role from not being able to access the admin area, hence using the Frontend admin plugin.

      Is there anyway for them to edit the table as a WP block in the content area?


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      Tracy Shorrock

      Alternatively, is there any way to add the table button to the WYSIWYG editor used in acf frontend admin?

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      Shabti Kaplan

      Hello Tracy,

      At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there is such an option. Have you taken a look at our field called “list items”? You can use it to create a table with fields and even display it anywhere using a shortcode

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